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Translations from English and Portuguese into Spanish and Catalan

Thanks to new technologies, we can make ourselves known all over the world and, thus, expand our business. But what happens when we only speak our mother tongue? We miss that opportunity to be known internationally and to get potential customers from other countries. At this point, translation becomes really important. If you want to widen your horizons, to be known beyond your country and get new clients, this is your chance!

Do not hesitate and put yourself in the hands of professionals. Your future is at stake. Choose qualified professionals!

The success of your business is just one translation away!

Do you want to have your website translated? Marketing material related to your business? A book, comic or short story? These are just some of the services I offer. Contact me and let’s talk!


Marketing & Social media




Latest Projects

  • Digital illustration translation
    Digital illustration tutorial
  • EKOSofia: Comic translated from English into Catalan
  • "Message in a bottle" translated into Spanish
    "Message in a bottle" in Spanish